Everett Public Schools

Schools and districts statewide have expanded access for students traditionally shut out of college-level courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) but students, especially low-income students, will not experience the kind of success that is known to be valuable for college readiness and for college success unless access is coupled with... Read more >

Clark College

The majority of Washington’s high school graduates are required to take remedial math in college.  This increases the time it takes students to move toward a degree, requires students to use valuable financial aid on course work for which they can earn no college-level credits, and dramatically reduces the chance... Read more >

Seattle University Youth Initiative

Triggering two of three early warning indicators – course failure, five or more absences per semester, or suspension/expulsion – in a school year by the 9th grade is highly predictive of leaving high school without a diploma.  Efforts to reduce the number of students with multiple early warning indicators at... Read more >

Highline College

Too many college freshmen are placed into remedial courses that cost students time and money and don’t count towards a degree or credential. At community colleges, up to 70% of students are placed into remedial courses. Of those students, 40-60% are misplaced and could have been successful in college-level courses... Read more >

Shadle Park High

More than one-third of graduating high school seniors are unprepared for the rigor of higher education. These students will be required to enroll in pre-college courses once they enter college, which will cost them time and money and decrease their chances of graduating with a degree.  Bridge to College courses in math and English... Read more >

Wapato High School

The human brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the more it grows. Researchers have found that neural connections form and deepen most when we make mistakes doing difficult tasks rather than repeatedly having success with easy ones.  This means that intelligence is not fixed, and the... Read more >