One advantage of a small office: if you shout loud enough, everyone can hear the question. If you're not in shouting distance, here are your contacts:

Christine A. McCabe, Executive Director

(206) 461-5374,

Christine is College Spark's Executive Director, overseeing all aspects of our operations and strategic direction. Contact Christine about foundation strategy, investment management, and governance. Learn more about Christine.

Heather Gingerich, Senior Program Officer

(206) 461-5326,

Heather is College Spark's Senior Program Officer, overseeing our initiative investments and advocacy strategies. Contact Heather to learn how we're improving college success for low-income students through Achieving the Dream, Navigation 101, AVID, and Dual Credit Programs. Learn more about Heather.

Rachel Clements, Program Officer

(206) 461-5480,

Rachel Clements oversees College Spark’s Community Grants program and collaborates on our initiative investments and advocacy strategies. Contact Rachel for assistance applying for a College Spark Community Grant and questions about current grants. Learn more about Rachel.

Thai Craig, Communications Officer

(206) 282-4528,

Thai is College Spark’s Communications Officer, leading the development and implementation of College Spark's strategic direction in communications and advocacy. Contact Thai for information on advocacy strategies, theWashBoard scholarship portal, and media inquiries.  Learn more about Thai.

Meuy Saephanh,Office Manager

(206) 461-7248,

Meuy oversees College Spark's operations and supports our program officers. Contact Meuy for general assistance, including referrals to appropriate program staff. Learn more about Meuy.

Kayla Todd,Grants Assistant

(206) 971-7966,

Kayla is College Spark’s Grants Assistant. She keeps the online databases and filing systems up to date and assists the staff in various projects. Learn more about Kayla.