Work in Progress

College Spark grantees are dedicated to the schools and students they serve.  They are committed to developing interventions, testing models, and assessing results.  They are building capacity through professional development.  They are sharing knowledge about best practices and implementing programs that work to close the achievement gap.  

Improving student outcomes doesn't happen over night, over months, or even over years.  That transformation requires innovation, leadership, and committment over a long period of time.  "Work in Progress" will highlight grantee successes and the hard work along the way.


Highline College, redesigns the college placement process

At least one in four college freshmen take remedial courses at many four-year colleges.  At two-year colleges, it can be up to 70% of the freshman class. Many students derail, discouraged by remedial coursework, and fail to earn a credential. Highline College reenvisioned the college placement process using multiple measures for assessment to get more students on a path to a degree and a living wage.  Learn more about multiple measures at Highline College.    

Shadle Park High School,bridging the opportunity gap 

Bridge to College courses provide high school seniors a dynamic way to prepare for success in college-level work.  Learn more about Bridge to College courses from students and teachers at Shadle Park High School in Spokane.  

Wapato High School,changing mindset to conquer math 

It's not about how smart you are.  Educators at Wapato High School are using growth mindset to improve students' learning by relentlessly encouraging students to think about their mental skills as malleable, rather than as properties fixed at birth.  Learn more about Academic Youth Development and Intensified Algebra at Wapato High School.

Shuksan Middle School,restorative justice to keep students in school 

When students aren't in school, they aren't able to learn. Administrators at Shuksan Middle School, in the Bellingham School District, took this phrase to heart and developed an alternative to out-of-school suspensions to keep students in school and learning.  Learn more about restorative justice at Shuksan Middle School.