Advocacy Grants Program

Currently, too many Washington students who met high school graduation requirements and achieved a diploma find themselves arriving on a college campus unable to meet the standards for entry into college-level classes. For a high school graduate, being unable to take and succeed in even entry-level college classes can come as an unhappy and expensive surprise. The lack of alignment between high school graduation requirements and entry expectations for colleges and career training programs is an urgent problem as more and more jobs require some level of post-secondary training.

College Spark’s Advocacy Grants Program seeks to accelerate the adoption and implementation of policies and practices that ensure more low-income students become college-ready and earn their degrees.  The Advocacy Grants Program currently focuses on the alignment of Washington’s high school and post-secondary systems through implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Funded projects typically involve communication and engagement efforts by key organizations and coalitions to connect with policymakers, practitioners, and the public about the importance of, and best practices to achieve, college readiness and success.

To learn more about the Advocacy Grants Program, please contact Thai Craig at